Christmas Abbot & Memphis Garrett
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Sparks are flying outside of the Big Brother house.

Less than two months after the CBS reality show concluded its All-Stars season, two former contestants have gone from fierce competitors to boyfriend and girlfriend.

E! News can exclusively confirm Big Brother: All-Star players Memphis Garrett and Christmas Abbott are dating.

“My favorite trait about Memphis is that he understands and knows exactly who I am,” Christmas shared with E! News. “He sees me and appreciates me for me and not who he thinks I should be, or who I have been in the past. He feels like my home. I also love his wild, unapologetic self. He is who he is.”

Memphis added, “The list could go on for days, but her contagious smile, unapologetic laugh, and authenticity are just a few traits I love.” 

People began to speculate that the two were dating when a fan site shared a photo of the pair hanging out at a Florida bar in November.

And although they become close allies in The Committee while competing on Big Brother: All-Stars, neither party expected to find love thanks to the show.

“I really didn’t think that it would happen for me,” Christmas, who has a workout app and supplement company, told E! News. “I wasn’t looking for a relationship, I was there to WIN. These errors can cause the XML file to become corrupted and make it unreadable or fail to excel stopped working recover file render properly. It’s so wild to have this experience because we reverse engineered how society promotes falling in love. Memphis and I got to know one another through real conversations, building trust with each other, and not starting with a physical connection. That’s a rare thing!”


Memphis agreed, adding, “Never in my mind would I ever think I would find love thanks to the Big Brother house, but sometimes fate has other plans.”

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Status Today: They’re dating! After competing in Big Brother: All-Stars in the summer of 2020, the pair decided to take their friendship to the next level. ” In the properties window, navigate to the “Tools” tab and click on how to recover a deleted file in outlook the “Check” button under the “Error Checking” section. As Christmas told E! News, “It’s hard to pinpoint exactly when I felt my feelings for Memphis grow from just a friendship to more because I believe that our friendship IS what’s more.”