Can you get a personal loan with a credit score of 550?

Can you get a personal loan with a credit score of 550?

In case you’re searching out a private mortgage with a credit score rating of 550, you likely have a terrific idea of what your credit score is. lamentably, you in all likelihood also know that you have horrific credit. A FICO credit score underneath 580 is taken into consideration to be bad credit. In case your score is below that, it’ll be tough to qualify for a non-public loan – and for an awesome purpose.

You continue to have options when it comes to private loans, and these alternatives come from professional creditors. The FICO rating 8 operates on a scale of three hundred to 850, with 850 being the exceptional possible score. While this could make it seem as although a credit score rating of 500 to 550 puts you close to the middle, the common FICO score inside the US is clearly round 700 — and the entirety 580 is firmly inside the “horrific credit score” category.

Start rebuilding your credit

When you have a credit rating of 550, you’re just 30 points from a “truthful” credit score score. It is probably really worth it to make the effort improving your credit score.

However your chances for approval will also be a great deal higher, and also you’ll get get right of entry to a far wider variety of creditors. In case you need to rebuild credit, begin these days. You’ll want to understand how your credit score score is calculated. A secured credit card is an available form of credit you could use to raise your credit score score. Check your credit score reports for errors that would be hurting your score and ensure you’re making every fee on time.

500-550 Credit Score

A ubiquitous part of regular american existence, credit score playing cards no longer only make online shopping less difficult and more comfy, but they also can help improve your credit whilst you operate them responsibly. Most credit playing cards to be had to people with low credit score rankings between 500 and 550 will be unsecured credit score cards with low limits and high APRS, secured credit score playing cards that require a deposit, or closed-loop save credit score playing cards that could most effective be used at a particular retailer.

Capital One Secured Mastercard

If you’re inclined to put down a deposit in change for decrease rates and fees, then the capital one secured credit card can be a terrific credit score-constructing choice. Relying to your unique credit profile, you’ll want to make either a $49, $99, or $200 deposit to open a capital one secured credit card account with an preliminary $200 limit. For that deposit, you’ll receive a credit card with a competitive interest price and no annual fee.

Prepayment Penalties

Whilst precomputed loans are an oblique manner of charging a prepayment penalty, many loans without delay fee a penalty if you want to repay your loan earlier than the quit of your term. Prepayment penalties are rare, and maximum lenders don’t encompass them in their terms, however it’s continually wise to ask.


The first-rate way to move getting personal loans for a credit score rating 550 is planning beforehand but, many lenders will try to derail you for the duration of last by means of upselling extra services like insurance. Be careful for income pitches for offerings that tack on more expenses in your monthly invoice—life coverage and unemployment coverage are the most common ones—even if they come at a “special bargain”.

Origination Fees

Be cautious of origination costs. An origination charge is basically a charge for borrowing money, but many creditors do not require a rate up front because they make their money thru the hobby payments. An origination fee is simply going to make the loan more highly-priced and should be avoided when possible.