Charlize Theron jokes she looks like Kylie Jenner

The 45-year-old celebrity took to societal websites on Wednesday to discuss a side-by-side picture of herself and Kylie Jenner.

In typical Jenner style, the 23-year-old makeup mogul may be seen striking a sultry present while reconciliation pink lipstick.

Dependent on the little hand, it seems the lipstick was implemented by her 5-year-old daughter, August.

Following the celebrity shared with the pic on Instagram, Jenner reacted, minding a couple of giggling emojis, followed by a trio of crimson lip emojis.

Also from the comments, fans always gushed over Theron’s appearance.

“You’re more beautiful, your eyes are stunning and You have My heart,” one wrote on Twitter.

Theron first surfaced the ridiculous appearance on societal media last month before their People’s Choice Awards.

Sharing a virtually identical picture of herself using red lipstick smudges on her chin and cheek.

“You men. . .getting prepared for the #PeoplesChoiceAwards,” she explained from the caption.”

Back in October, the celebrity shared a set of pictures online featuring another set of youthful palms taking a crack in applying cosmetics.

Much like the latest articles, the makeup was uneven, but Theron’s adoring caption demonstrated she did not have some bad feelings about the getup.

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